More than Medicine

Cancer doesn’t just affect the body.

Complete care needs to reach the person inside.

Care Beyond Treatment

At Lilly Oncology, some of us have been touched by cancer one way or another—either as a patient or as a caregiver, relative, or friend of a patient. Cancer disrupts life and changes its course, and we’re determined to provide support beyond treatment to you and your loved ones to help ease the difficult times and celebrate the good ones. Above all, we’re dedicated to creating a community where you and other cancer patients have a network of helpful resources.

After Diagnosis, What’s Next?

Following diagnosis, you may feel overwhelmed with information and recommendations from different sources. You have to make big decisions quickly—not only about treatment but also about other life priorities. Getting organized while trying to accept a difficult diagnosis might seem impossible. Our hope is that, through this website, you find immediate answers that help you build a strong foundation, and you connect with additional resources that help you move forward.

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Life with Cancer

Cancer is complex, and cancer treatment is constantly changing—in recent years moving from therapies based solely on the stage and type of cancer to medicines tailored for patients’ unique conditions. Treatments may target specific features of the tumor itself or take into account how a person’s genes may affect how a medicine might work.

Additionally, a cancer diagnosis may come with concerns and challenges that can affect daily life. Knowing about the type of cancer you have and the options available may help you and your caregiver work with your care team to find the best treatment plan for you. The links below can help.

Life with Lung Cancer


Life with Stomach Cancer