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more than medicine

Cancer doesn’t just affect the body.

Complete care needs to reach the person inside.

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Your Journey

When life becomes life with cancer, it's not only about fighting the disease. It's a journey with ever-changing emotional and practical needs that go beyond treatment. We've made a deep commitment to understanding that journey, and we're determined to find ways to help meet those needs—for those whose lives are changed because of cancer.

Diagnosis: What's going on?

Maybe something didn't feel right. Maybe the doctor found something unusual during a routine exam. No matter how this moment came to be, the possibility of cancer has become reality for you, or someone you love. You may feel confused or overwhelmed and have so many questions. What may help:

A couple holding hands.

Distress: This can’t be happening.

Getting hit in the chest. Feeling like the floor just fell away. Being totally blindsided. These are just some of the ways people described the moment their cancer journey began. The blow of a cancer diagnosis is very real for everyone involved. From this point on, you may go through a series of strong emotional reactions as it all sinks in. What may help:

Distress: This can't be happening.
A man deep in thought.

Plan: What's next?

Almost immediately, you may feel overwhelmed with information and options from different sources. Decisions may have to be made quickly, not only about treatment, but also about finances, work, and just about everything else in life. Getting organized while trying to accept a difficult diagnosis might seem impossible. What may help:

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A couple cuddling.

Treat: It's time to act.

Things may seem a little more in control now because something’s being done to help fight the cancer. You want to keep moving forward, even though side effects may be hard to cope with sometimes. It might even feel like life revolves around treatment. What may help:

An image of a group of caregivers and an image of a man.
An image of a man talking to a couple.

New normal: Life’s different.

From the moment cancer is diagnosed, you are a survivor. You’re adapting to the challenges of living with cancer—and all the emotions that go with it. Cancer can change the way we approach life and what we feel is important. What may help:

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