More than Medicine

Cancer doesn’t just affect the body.

Complete care needs to reach the person inside.

Care Beyond Treatment

When life becomes life with cancer, it not only affects the patient, but also everyone supporting that patient — including the care team. That's why we're determined to do more than discover cancer medications. We're committed to help meet those needs that go beyond treatment. Lilly Oncology makes more than medicine — we're inspired to make a difference.


At Lilly Oncology, we are dedicated to developing and delivering innovative new medicines that will make a meaningful difference to cancer patients. Lilly’s research team is leveraging precision medicine and immuno-oncology to bring forth new medicines as fast as possible to help people living with cancer fight their disease.

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For more than five decades, Lilly Oncology has been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that improve the care of people living with cancer. Our heritage serves as inspiration to continue developing life-changing medicines and offering support to the people we serve. We’re determined to continue making life better for all those affected by cancer around the world.


Lilly Oncology is proud to work alongside some of the leading patient advocacy groups and professional organizations. These organizations share our commitment to raising awareness, educating the public, supporting cancer research, and changing public policy.

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